Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cure Alls in 1901

I think that I have mentioned that I am easily distracted while researching - actually when I am doing anything at all. While researching Boer War veterans I couldn't helped by being distracted by cure all ads in the papers of the time. All of these ads come from "The London Advertiser", December 1901. Put these in a genealogical context !

Castoria was a herbal soda pop - seed of this and seed of that in carbonated water. What popped into my head was Castor Oil ! My experience was that the crying usually occured after a dose.

I can see that corset pain must have been a scourge for women in 1901. Not only that but Omega Oil apparently cured back pain, arthritic pain, headache pain (probably due to the corset), and nervous anxiety (also due to the corset, I bet.). What more did you need ladies ?

In case the Omega Oil didn't work for dyspepsia just snap your fingers people, and try Royal Baking Powder. Baking powder for dyspepsia ?- who knew !

Now for my personal favourite.
An electric belt can do that? What about in a thunderstorm? I wish I knew about this sucker when I was in my 20's. Talk about looking good on the beach. Gee and all that sweating in the gym that I did. No kicking sand in this guy's face!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Modern Generation

Here's one way to portray a generation of Hillmans.

The father: William Bruce 1948-present.

The heir: John Andrew 1982-present.

The spare: Anthony Bruce 1987-present.

Artwork by John Andrew Hillman.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Elgin County Book Launch

On Saturday October 30th. Jeff Booth’s book “Dreams of Food and Freedom” was launched at the Elgin County Military Museum in St. Thomas, Ontario. The book launch was well attended by surviving veterans, and their families. My brother and I took dad along although I am not sure that he had entirely clued in to what the event was all about. Nevertheless He did recognize some of the items in the displays, and had some interesting comments about them. A few of the other veterans also started to reminisce.
Two of the veterans represented the other side. I approved whole hardly. It was interesting to hear from them about their experiences in a Canadian prisoner of war camp.

Jeff Booth holding book with the veterans who could make it.

The book covers most of the wars in which Elgin County boys participated - The War of 1812, the American Civil War, the South African War, World War 0ne, and World War Two. An excellent addition to the library for a genealogist researching families in Elgin County.
I bought one! The book is available from the Elgin County Military Museum.