Tuesday, September 11, 2007

To Aldborough

John Hillman married Isabella May probably in Mosa Township. She was born in Scotland May 22, 1822, and died in Aldborough Township, September 17, 1906. Her family seems to emigrated from Scotland to Port Stanley, and from there to Euphemia Township in Lambton County. They had twelve children; Daniel(1841), George(1942), Hugh(1844), Mary(1846), William James(1848), John David(1850), Isabella(1853), Susan(1855), Margaret(1857), Christie(1859), Harriet(1860), Nathaniel(1865).
In 1851 John Hillman purchased 125 acres in north Aldborough Township at concession 2 lot 2 almost on the corner called Clachan. Purcell cemetery where most of the early settlers were buried is almost directly across the road from the farm. Yet another log house was built. By the end of the century the frame house that my father remembers as part of the home farm was built. I suspect one reason for the move was a desire for more land - as even then 50 acres was not enough to live on.

At that period the Hillman family were Baptists. They were also farmers to the core. It was not until my father’s generation after the Second World War that the young men in the Hillman family left the farm to find jobs in the city.

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