Thursday, February 28, 2008


Wiltshire, England
George m. Susanna
Hillman Browne
?-d.1854 ?=d.1877

John b.4/12/1819-d.3/10/1906
James b.1/12/1821
William b.3/11/1824-d.10/8/1888
Elizabeth b.30/9/1826
Reuben b.20/10/1828
Nathaniel b.6/10/1840
Immigrated to Upper Canada(Ontario)sometime between 1829-1830

John m. Isabella May(Scottish)

Hugh b.2/11/1844-d.6/3/1894
Mary b.1846
William James b.2/6/1849
John David b.6/6/1850
Isabella b.1853
Susana b.5/12/1854
Margerit b.1857
Christy b.1859
Harriet b.1860
Nathaniel b.8/12/1865

John David m. Hannah McKay(Scottish)

Henry Arthur b.1879-d.1949
William Wallace b.25/12/1883-d.25/2/1966
Martha Anne b.1886-d.1985
Olive May b.1889-d.1986
Jane Pearl b.1893
Mildred b.1897-d.1977
Hazel b.1900-d.1987
Bruce b.1907-d.27/8/1973

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Jennifer Trahan said...

Hi! I am also a Hillman descendant. My great-great-great-grandfather was George Hillman. He was born 11 Mar 1830 in England and died 4 Jan 1914 in Mosa Township. He married Mary Mildred McIntyre. I don't believe I have any documents linking him to George Hillman and Susanna Brown, but other researchers have linked him to them. He was in the same area of Ontario and the age is right, but other than that, I haven't done any further research to try to link him to his parents. I descend from his daughter, Florence Minnie Hillman.