Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hannah Hillman

When doing a one name family tree we often fall into the trap of forgetting that there are many more other names in one’s family tree. After all there are all those other grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents. Sometimes they have very interesting stories.

My grandfather’s mother was Hannah Hillman(né McKay). She was born July 1, 1860 to Henry McKay and Martha McKay(né Shoemaker). She married John David Hillman Sept 2, 1879. The children were Henry Hillman (1880-1949), William Wallace Hillman(1883-1966), Martha Hillman(1885-1984), Olive Hillman(1889-1988), Ida Hillman(1890-?), Jennie P. Hillman(1895-?), Mildred Hillman(1896-?), and Bruce Hillman(1903-1976).

Henry McKay was born May 28, 1830 in Scotland. Martha Shoemaker’s data is not yet available but I do know that her family were Mennonites originally from Pennsylvania. Henry converted to the Mennonite faith and was the preacher to the Bethel Mennonite Church from 1875 to 1902. He also lists himself in the 1911 census as a mason. Bit of a change from the English/Scottish Baptists I usually find in the family tree.

The photo is of Hannah Hillman and little John A. Hillman(my father) sometime in the late summer or fall of 1920(from my personal collection).

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