Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Clathan, Elgin County, Ontario

Clathan has been mentioned several times before. It was here that John Hillman and Isabella(May) Hillman eventually settled in 1859 from Mosa Township.
Clathan is located at the junction of the counties of Elgin, Middlesex, and Kent. Apparently its name comes from the Gaelic meaning a strong or rocky place. Some of the original families to settle around Clathan were Gibbs, McKillops, Scotts, and Campbells.
The first school was built in 1852, and then moved in 1891 between the 2nd. And 3rd. Concessions amongst a grove of oak trees thus the name “Oak Grove school”. It was a bustling little community up to the 2nd. World War with two general stores, a post office(1858-1914), a wagon maker and blacksmith, a machine shop and pump factory, and the Clathan Community Hall(built 1914). The Aldborough Plains Baptist Church was built in 1872, and then moved (and renovated) to Clathan in 1948.

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