Monday, September 14, 2009

My Favourite Blogs

I am not a big blog reader probably because I prefer blogs that provide useful information that I can use. There are not a lot out there that relate to my research in South-Western Ontario. There are exceptions( aren’t there always!). I do like blogs that look at genealogy in a light hearted way.

These are my favourite ones to date:

Anglo-Celtic Connections
A very well written blog that keeps you up to date on what’s going on in Ottawa, and in the British Isles.

Canadian Genealogy or ‘Jane’s Your Aunt’
A blog based in British Columbia with information on what the Canadian Genealogy Carnival is up to.

Canada Gen Web’s Blog
One should also keep an eye as to what is happening with Gen Web.

Genealogy Canada
Elizabeth Lapointe covers Ottawa through to the Maritimes.

Genea Musings
Randy Seaver’s blog I like for the technical discussions of Genealogy programs.

Then there are my exceptions. These two blogs are great for lightening up the mood and make you see that there is humour in what we are doing.

The Educated Genealogist
The Genealogue

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