Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Canadian County Altas Project

If your ancestor was a farmer and you want to find out where he lived the Canadian County Atlas project is a resource that can’t be beaten. It has been around on line since 1999, and has been updated and approved.

There is a section that explains the what and why of the county atlas’s. In total 40 counties are covered by these atlas’s which were published between 1874 and 1881.

My own ancestor John Hillman can be found. In the search option I put in his name, in Elgin County, township of Aldborough. The search record looks like this:

Full record for Hillman, John
Last Name Hillman
First Name John
Post Office Clachan
Township Aldborough
County Elgin
Atlas Date 1877

Concession and Lot Lot size
II, 2 125

Hit locate on map and you get the result as shown above. A larger map of Aldborough appears to the right of the screen showing the farm’s location relative to the township , and to the left the farm itself(as shown above). A handy site indeed!

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