Friday, July 9, 2010

What I do? Meme and Why

Meme and Why. Sounds a bit like that old shtick about the Philosophy professor asking the question on an exam - Why? The enterprising young know it all writes Why Not? For his A+.

It looks like Thomas MacEntee’s idea of sharing knowledge and expertise in the genealogical blogging community is catching on. So far I have read three bloggers ,whom I respect, ( James Tanner, Dear Myrtle, and Randy Seaver) outlining what equipment they use to maintain their genealogical databases, and businesses.

I used to think that I was older than two of them (we won’t name which two); however, it looks like in techi-ness  I am older and far more of a Ludite (look that up in your Funk&Wagnalls) than all of them. I should be utterly ashamed to put in my two cents worth. Nope - shame is one thing that I lost years ago.

Mind you the above genealogists are professionals (and packed for bear) - I merely an historian, and scribe.

* Hardware: I have two computers. One is an I.B.M. Thinkpad circa 2000. I acquired it in 2004 for $800. I see now that I can buy a much more powerful used Lenova Thinkpad for $280. Who knew?
Having learned my lesson my second computer is an I.B.M. knock off of questionable origin. Cost $80. I think that I am winning? CIV 2 works great on it.
* External storage: Nope. Use flash drives. Love them. So far not lost any. Knock on wood.
* Online storage: non
* Backup: Disks. I should organize them some day.
* Firewall: AVG
* Virus protection: AVG
* Spyware: AVG
* File cleaner: It needs cleaning?
* Printer: Not yet but I am looking. A used one of course.
* Phone: Land line.
* Mobile media: That’s something my 20 something sons are - mobile.
* Music player: What ever it is it seems to work.
* Car audio: What car?
* eBook Reader: non
* Browser: Explorer and Firefox. Explorer crashes, and Firefox losses its plugs - maybe its my 2000 vintage computer?
* Blog: 2 blogs which are both blogspot
* RSS: not yet. I’m not exciting enough
* FTP: need to look that one up?
* Text editor: Microsoft Works
* Graphics: I have Paint  I think I played with it in 2005. It’s around somewhere.
* Screen capture: Another one I have to look up!
* Social media: Facebook
* Social bookmarking: none. I don’t even know what that is? Or care.
* Social profile: none. I might lose all my Facebook friends, and I am building an impressive Zoo.
* URL shortener: Really! Why?
* Office suite: Microsoft Works
* E-mail: 3 actually of which I use one, and get interesting promises on the other two.
* Calendar: Carry it in my bag.
* Accounting: Quicken
* PDF generator: Primo PDF
* Genealogy database: Legacy 7.4
* Genealogy tools: pens, paper, files, file cards. A Ludite to the end.
* Other tech stuff: I just acquired a Kodak something or other digital camera. Used of course. Run to the Kodak outlet every two or three days to find out what the buttons are for.

Well there you are. Am I ready or what?

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Cheryll Toney Holley said...

You make me feel very "techie", Bruce! Thanks!!!

Cheryll Holley