Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Blue Eyed Family

You should know Cary Brothers' song “Blue Eyes”. If not shame on you.
“Cause Blue Eyes
You are all that I need
Cause Blue Eyes
You’re the sweet to my mean”
I have no idea what sweet to my mean means? I’m not with it. Must be a generation gap.

Occasionally I surf through scientific web sites not necessarily understanding what I am reading. I did tend to duck science and math at school as fast as it was thrown at me. Mind you not as fast as I ducked philosophy, and sociology definitely would send me fleeing for the nearest exit.

However, an article in the “Science Daily” web site hit my weird bone. Apparently blue eyed people have a common ancestor who lived sometime during the Neolithic. Mother Nature had thrown up a genetic mutation that had created a switch which turned off the ability to produce brown eyes. ALL RIGHT! We are mutants - what’s my special power? - can I join the X-Men?

I grew up in a blue-eyed clan. My parents, my grandparents, my children all have blue eyes. Sooo - should I come across a Hillman with brown eyes I’ll just cross them off as possible ancestors. Eh!

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