Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tartan Day

Today is Tartan Day in tribute to our Scots ancestry. Ah - but what kilt to wear? For me it can be a bit of a puzzle assuming that I want it to be authentic. Apparently you trace your clan through your father’s surname. That won’t fly. Not with an English name like Hillman. So it would seem that I need to go to my matrilineal line. Unfortunately the Steeles were from Glasgow originally - definitely lowlanders. That leaves my paternal grandmother. The Turners were from Clan Lamont. That’s stretching it a bit but maybe I will go with that tartan.

I never was one for following rules so I can be nationalistic, and go with the Maple Leaf tartan. Only if no one tries to make me sing the national anthem. Not with my voice. At least before I have had a couple of shots of scotch.
Or I could be regional in my splendour and go for the Ontario plaid.

One thing I can guarantee is that I will be wearing something under the kilt. April 6 or not it’s -6 C. out there today.

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