Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reuban Hillman

Reuban Hillman was born to George Hillman and Susannah Browne in Westbury,Wiltshire,England on October 20, 1828 and died August 1899 in Lambton County, Ontario. He married Flora McLeish who was born in Scotland in 1838 and died May 13, 1876 in Middlesex County, Ontario.I do not have the date of their marriage. Their children were Neil Hillman(1856-1946), George Hillman(1859-1912), Daniel Hillman(1863-?), Nathaniel Hillman(1867-?), Alexander Hillman(1873-?).
Neil Hillman married Elizabeth Chisholm on 22 Feb., 1881. George Hillman married Catherine(Kate)Macdonald on 15 June, 1899. Nathaniel Hillman married Martha Johnston on 28 Nov., 1888.

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