Friday, November 14, 2008

My Rant for now

Well here I go with a rant on several topics. Being a Canadian usually I have little to say and stew inside instead.
The first is a mistake made by in an advertisement for Remembrance Day. They mistakenly put a German soldier rather than a Canadian one in the ad. They apologized for the mistake and mistakes can happen.
While organizing my father’s service medals I found that he was (I thought) missing one. Apparently not. It appears that the European campaign medal is only issued for six months active service. A year and four months spent on your butt in a POW camp does not count. Apparently in the British and American cases it does. It would appear that Veteran Affairs has a double standard. One on hand there is a considerable effort in remembering the sacrifices of the veterans, and on the other Veteran Affairs nit picks over the issue of medals that these vets deserve.
Lastly, Library and Archives Canada entered into an agreement with to digitalize the Quebec City immigration records, Canadian immigration lists from 1865 to 1935, and other records held by Archives Canada. All of these records were to appear on the free LAC website. Where are they?
I understand that it is a non cash agreement; however, there should be more clarification as to what the agreement involves.

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