Friday, December 26, 2008

Nathaniel Hillman 1840-1935

W. Nathaniel Hillman was born 6 January 1840 to George Hillman and Susanna Browne in Euphemia Township. He died in 1935 in Middlesex County. He married Margaret Sinclair 9 February 1869 in Middlesex County. Margaret Sinclair died on 29 September 1922 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Their children were:
1.Elizabeth(Lizzy) Hillman 1870-?
2.George S. Hillman in Mosa Township, Middlesex County 1872-?
3.James Hillman in Alvinston, Brooke Township, Lambton County 1875-?
4.Lena S. Hillman 13March 1885-?
5.Susan Helena Hillman in Lambton County 13March 1886-?
6.Charles B. Hillman 7March 1889-?
7.Thomas Francis Hillman in Aldborough Township, Elgin County 10June 1909-?

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Cora said...

James A Hillman was born 7 Jul 1876in Alvinston & died in 1951. He is buried in Rodney Cemetery, Aldborough Twp with his wife, Emma Louise Kerr and 3 of their children (Margaret, Emily & Joseph Judson). Do you want more details?