Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Musicians in the Family

As far as I know only recently has musical talent reared its ugly head in my family. I remember with some trepidation the attempts by my mother to get me to play the piano. In grade nine I attempted to learn the euphonium. No go. It held no interest for me when measured with the joys of hockey, baseball, and wrestling.

My ex-wife’s family was naturally a different kettle of fish. She was and is a professional musician. When we were married she played percussion for our local London Symphony orchestra. My two sons, as a result, inherited some musical talent. Andrew plays the violin and percussion. Anthony plays the cello and guitar. Both boys at one time or other have played for London’s Youth orchestra.

Mother played the piano; but as far as I know no one else in my family line have showed any musical talent. Interesting considering the number of Gaelic Scots that appear in my past. Oh well, I expect that the farmers in my line viewed a field of corn as a symphony in itself.

Photo:Anthony and his guitar

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