Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Wiltshire Crowd

Very many thanks to Cora Hillman in sending me information that helps me to round out the various lines of Hillman’s that immigrated to Upper Canada at around 1831(still an approximate date as the are no records to date of when they landed. This date is taken from the Canadian Census returns from various members of the family. But even these are not consistent.).

It all starts with George Hillman and Elizabeth Harman who were from around Westbury, Wiltshire, England. They had two sons George(born 1798 in Westbury-died sometime before 1855 in Middlesex County, Upper Canada) who married Susana Browne 24 December, 1818 in Westbury, Wiltshire England. They had eight children John(born 4December, 1819-died 3 October 1906), James(1 December, 1821-died 17 March 1900), William(born 3 November 1824-died 10 August 1888), Elizabeth(born 1829-died 1884), Reuben(born 20 October 1828-died August 1899), W. Nathaniel(born 6 January 1844 -died 1935), and Mary Ann(born 1844-died?).
George Hillman and Elizabeth Harman’s second son James(born 1800?-died before 1859) married Mary Smith on 29 January 1824 in Westbury, Wiltshire, England. They had eight children. John(born 21 May 1827-died March 1888), Esau(born 31 January 1831- died ?), William( born 1834-died?), George(born 1836-died?), Laura Ann(born 1841-died?), Samuel(born 1843-died?), Matthew(born 1845-?).

From these two immigrant families the Hillman’s spread throughout South-Western Ontario, Northern Michigan, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

I wish though that they used a wider variety of Christian names! It would have made it easier.

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