Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 Top Conundrums For Genealogists - Or Dare I Say - Historical Researchers

1. The elderly person you needed to interview passed away recently.
2. Photograph everything. The next time you drive by it will be demolished.
3. The grave marker you most want to photograph will be illegible.
4. Never ask a genealogist “tell me about your family?”
5. Even if your research is 99% right genealogists will notice the 1%.
6. They will line up to tell you about it.
7. The one fact that you really really wanted will magically appear after you have posted your research on your blog.
8. Print that information quickly before it disappears into cyberspace.
9. The Archives will have a fabulous collection that can’t be opened yet due to privacy reasons.
10. The death certificate of your great great grandfather is not yet available because 50 years is not dead enough.

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