Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Well, another decade gone! Where did they all go?

I see that many of the bloggers that I keep track of are posting New Year Resolutions. I am not big on that preferring to go with the flow. However, towards the end of  last year  I did start two projects. One was to get on the waiting list for a Pro Gen Study Group. It looks like I am in for a group that starts February 1st.
I wonder if I am the only Canadian in that group?  We shall see. Secondly, I have started researching the veterans of World War One who came from Southwestern Ontario. I have started a new blog Veterans Of Southwestern Ontario in which I will post results of my research as I get it done. Ultimately I will see if I can get it published. Remember though that I am a Gemini and I will get distracted by anything interesting that pops up!

Also, many bloggers are listing their favourite blogs of 2009. I am not a big blog reader. My criteria for reading blogs are:
1. Canadian content(that narrows things down a lot)
2. Technical content. I am interested in the blogs that take some time to go through computer issues in genealogy
3. Whatever catches my interest(Gemini again).

As a result my favorites(those I read daily) are:

Anglo-Celtic Connections mainly because this blog meets all requirements.
Canadian Genealogy-or Jane’s Your Aunt .  This one is different.
Olive Tree Genealogy Blog . This one is full of useful information.
CanadaGenWeb’s Blog  . Useful to keep an eye out for what’s happening across the country.
Genea-Musings  . Randy Seaver includes a great deal about the technical side of genealogy.
The Educated Genealogist  . A genealogist who does not take herself seriously. Its refreshing.
The Genealogue  .  A well written irreverent blog. I love it!
ELegal  . David Canton is a business lawyer based in London, Ontario. His articles on the web are very good. Bloggers do need to keep track of what the legal beagles are up to.

I periodically scan others but no where near what some others read in the day. I simply do not have the attention span thank you very much.  Eh!

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